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Chaplaincy Updates - June 2024

Updated: Jun 4

REMINDER - NO Livestreaming of Masses

We would like to remind all about the livestreaming of Sunday Masses and other liturgical celebrations are not allowed. if livestreaming of masses are to be done, this will need to have a formal notice to the public and approval. For more information and the direct Memo, please follow the link below.

Car Blessings after the Mass

Car blessings after the mass will only be done on 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month. If you want to have your car blessed, please approach Jonathan Arcular (02102791249) for further assistance.

Parking Reminders

All who are attending Masses and other events at St Benedict's church are required to be attentive and aware where you park your vehicle. For more detailed information, please follow the link below for more information.

Note that free parking in Wilsons Carpark outside of the Free Period of Saturdays 12pm to Sunday, you will be required to pay or risk being penalised. If you are gong to attend events and Masses on Weeknights of Monday to Friday, please check with the organisers if they have oragnised Wilsons Carpark as free to park.

if you have been wrongfully penalised during Easter and the Times that have been organised for free (e.g. Saturdays from 12pm to End of Sunday). Please follow the link below for further instructions.

What's going on this June?

Sacraments of Initiation - Baptism, Communion, and Confirmation

Baptism Information:

If you wish for your child to be baptised, please email the St Benedict's Office ( for more information. First Communion and Confirmation:

The Chaplaincy has now opened up applications for your Child to receive the Sacraments of Confirmation and Communion. Application Deadline is on the 30th June 2024. For more information on how to apply and download the enrolment form, please click on the link below.

Comemorating the Filipino Independence Day

9th June (Sunday), the Chaplaincy will commemorate our nation's Independence Day. Please note that the mass on the 9th June will start at 11:15am.

There will also bean event at Auckland Showgrounds (217 Green Lane West, Epsom, Auckland 1051) on the 8th June from 10AM to 4PM. More information, please visit the the organiser's website at

Volunteers for Social Media and Technology Team

Do you have background skills in supporting Technology (such as Audio and Visual, Photography, Videography) and Social Media? Or you have a backgound in Public Relations and Communications, and need more experience? You can volunteer in the Chaplaincy's Social Media and Technology Team! Please note, Social Media and Technology Team Members are required to attend Safeguarding seminars, which are posted below this monthly update.

Fr Gilbert's Sacerdotal Anniversary - 14th June 2024 (Friday) at 6:30pm

Please join us on celebrating Father Gilbert's Sacerdotal Anniversay at St Benedict's Church on the 14th June 2024 starting at 6:30pm with a Mass followed by a fellowship at the Crypt. All are welcome to bring food to share on this event.

Formation Seminars for Lay Ministers and Choir Leaders and Members - 7th July 2024 at 2pm (Sunday)

The Chaplaincy will be hosting a one day seminar, to be led by the Diocese's Liturgy Coordinator, Randall Ramos. This will be held on the 7th July 2024 (Sunday) starting at 2pm, after our Sunday Filipino Mass at St Benedict's Church, if we get enough numbers to do this seminar.

To register, please click on the button below, or copy and paste the link ( to be directed to a google form.

Sto Nino De Leyte Novena and Feast Day 2024 - 20th to 29th June.

Mga Kapatid the 10th yr anniversary devotion to Santo Niño de Leyte is almost near.

We invite you all to join the 9 days novena starting on the 20th June, 2024, 7:00pm at the Children's Chapel of Good Shepherd Balmoral Catholic Church, to be followed with a fellowship at the Mary Mackillop hall.

Safeguarding Seminars

It is very important for all volunteers who are either directly or indirectly involved with interacting with people. Especially for individuals (from ages 18 and above) who may interact with Children and Vulnerable Adults as part of their ministry role, to take part of any of the Safeguarding Seminars and to be police vetted. Please note that these are organised by the Catholic Diocese of Auckland. The Once you have this completed, you will be permitted to go on with your ministry activities for three (3) years.

Roles that are required to go through this process as follows below:

  • Pastoral Council Members.

  • Individuals with Coordinator Roles.

  • Extraordinary Ministers of Communion.

  • Senior Altar Server Leaders (who are above 18 years old).

  • Individuals who are part of the Children's Liturgy.

  • Any individuals who are part of any of the Service Committees (Hospitality, Ushers, First Aiders, Migrant Outreach).

  • Technology Team (Social Media).

Please refer to the attached poster for the dates, and contact Lisa-May Gray ( for more information and availability.

If you are not part of any of the required groups, we still encourage you to attend one of these seminars. More people trained, more people will be aware, and to protect vulnerable individuals physically, mentally, and also virtually.

For more information, please click here to learn more about the safeguarding initiatives from the Diocese. Below are some of the available dates for you to know, if you are interested to attend one of the seminars.

Managing your Rubbish after the use of any gathering spaces (Meeting Rooms and Crypt)

All Hall hirers and users are responsible for bringing home their rubbish with them. All rubbish MUST be removed from the site at the end of their event. Please do not use the rubbish and recycling bins within the Church grounds as this is only for the residents who are living on the property.

The church crypt, parking, and adjacent premises MUST be left clean, and in good and tidy order. Additional charges may be incurred if rubbish is NOT removed off-site. Thank you.

Below are the familiar locations of the rubbish bins that you are not allowed to use, this includes putting rubbish bags in front of these bins.

Bins nearby the main door of the church's main gathering hall are only for Tenants within the Church compound only.

Bins only for Parish Office use only.

Bins nearby the alternative path to access St Benedict's Street are only for Tenants within the Church compound only.


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