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Reminders for Parking at St Benedict's

Updated: May 14

If you are attending Mass and other events and celebrations at St Benedicts. Please be reminded of Parking Rules, and spaces where you can park for free. The map suppled below is the summary where you should park for free on Sundays, and events to which parking has been organised for free by the Parish Office and Wilsons Carpark.

Parking Penalty Reminders

Parking incorrectly will be subjected to penalities and being towed of up to $500 for Unauthorised use of Resserved Spaces, and up to $150 for double parking, incorrect parking (e.g. parking on broken yellow lines, or parking on clearway operation hours), or osbtructing (blocking) someone's right of way or a driveway.

If you required to pay a parking penalty, please use the button to be directed to the online payment options.

Free to Park Areas (Green Areas)

Free parking is available on areas shaded with green. These free parking areas are:

  • Wilsons Carpark, except areas marked reserved (these are shaded red on the map below).

  • Alex Evans Street

  • Upper Queen Street

  • St Benedicts Street


  • On Street Parking at St Benedicts Street free from 5:30pm (until 8am next day) Monday to Friday, and whole weekend.

  • For other Streets Surrounding St Benedict's Church, please visit the Auckland Transport page for Parking in Central Auckland for more information.

  • Wilsons Carpark is Free from 12pm Saturdays until 11:59pm Sundays.

  • On Novena Masses that fall on Mondays until 11:59am Saturdays, Wilsons Carpark is not free for use. Unless it has been organised by the St Benedict's Office.

  • Parking within the Church complex is not recommended.

  • Orange areas are not operated or owned by Wilson Carpark and St Benedict's Church. The areas in Orange are operated by Tournament Parking (more information at the last section of this post).

Reserved Areas - Tenants Parking Spaces

There are areas around the Wilsons Parking that are marked as Reserved and are only for Tenants who are living in the rental properties owned by St Benedict's Parish. Please do not occupy these spaces and are enforced at all times. For reference below are some photos of reserved spaces at you are not allowed to use.

Resserved Areas within Wilsons Carpark

Two spaces with red arrows are reserved spacess, but the spaces with green checks are okay for public use.

Reserved Area at St Benedicts Street Tournament Parking

Pay to Park Areas (Orange Areas operated by Tournament Parking, not by Wilson's Carpark and St Benedict's Parish)

You can use the QR Codes for you to scan to pay, or follow one of the links provided below to pay for parking in one of the Tournament Parking areas.

St Benedicts St Tournament Parking Link

Upper Queen St Tournament Parking Link

There are other parking areas nearby (shaded in Orange), and these are operated by a different company called Tournament Parking. Tournament Parking spaces are not operated or managed by St Benedict's Church Office, or the Chaplaincy, please follow basic parking rules and courtesy at all times. Any fines or infringements occurred within Tournament Parking Spaces, are at the risk of the owner's expense.

Tournament Parking areas have a sign with a QR code, which you can scan to visit the T-Park Trounament Parking website. You can use that website ( to pay for parking online using your mobile phone.

Tournament Parking Areas nearby are on St Benedicts Street and the Upper Queen Street (entrance by West Street).

Video Supplied below demonstrated how you can pay for your parking at Tournament Parking Areas.


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