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Parking Penalty Updates

Updated: Apr 20

A number of parishioners have received parking tickets for parking in the Wilson's Carpark (the area at the corner of St Benedicts and Alex Evans Streets) during the time when it is free for visitors to St Benedict's.

Evidently Wilson's have updated their system which has caused a communications glitch. We are very sorry for the stress and inconvenience this has caused.

If you have received a ticket for parking during the free parking hours (12pm Saturday to late Sunday evening) or over Easter, please DO NOT PAY.

Forward a copy of your ticket to

and Catherine will arrange for your ticket to be cancelled. For more detailed explanation on where and when to park for free, please follow the link below.

For your information below is the infringement notice example from Wilson's Carpark, which can be waved by St Benedict's Office.

If you have received a similar ticket below, please be aware that the infringement notice is from Tournament Parking. Just a reminder, Tournament Parking spaces, are not managed and owned by St Benedict's and ACFC. If you have received one of same notice below, you will be required to pay for this infringement. Please remember to pay for your parking at, or scan the QR code provided posted on Tournament Parking Spaces.


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