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Feast of San Lorenzo Ruiz & Filipino Migrants Day

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

The ACFC (Auckland Catholic Filipino Chaplaincy) is inviting all to join as one community to celebrate the Feast Day of our Filipino Patron San Lorenzo Ruiz. On the same day, we will also celebrate Filipino Migrants Day on the 29th September 2019 (Sunday) at 11:30am.

Before the Feast Day, we will be having a Triduum Mass dedicated to our beloved Patron Saint. These will be happening Three Days before the Feast Day from 26th September 2019 (Thursday) to 28th September 2019 (Saturday).

Fiesta and Triduum times are mentioned on the poster above. For more information about the Triduum and Feast Day Masses, please contact


For Celebrating Filipino Migrants Day, the

is inviting all old and new migrants for a get-together after the Feast Day Mass on the 29th September 2019 (Sunday). They have also organised various speakers, which will focus on some important messages of being a migrant today here in New Zealand. For more information about the get-together event after the Feast Day Mass, please contact Lina Magalong on 0211214207

Proud To Be A Filipino!



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