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Filipino Migrant Support Team


  • Central communication for matters relating to Filipino Migrants.

  • Provides information about Justice and Peace matters.

  • Collect and compile information of New Filipino Migrants

  • Ascertain the needs of Filipino Migrants.

  • A liaison between the Chaplaincy and Filipino Migrant families.

  • Facilitates migrant families’ access to community resources.

  • Assist in the coordination of services for Filipino Migrant and their families

  • Directly reports to ACFC Chairman and Chaplain.

Organised activities of the support team:

  • New Migrants Christmas gathering.

  • Fundraising – to give “Bundle of Joy” for migrant families.

The Team has been set up into two groups, Internal within the ACFC Pastoral Council and External of the ACFC Pastoral Council. Contact details as shown below:

Members from ACFC Pastoral Council


Lina Magalong

Overall Team Coordinator



Oscar Batucan

Team Member

ACFC Pastoral Chairman

Lito's Photo for ACFC.jpg

Lito Magalong

Team Member

ACFC Pastoral Deputy Chairman


Carmen Shaw

Team Member

ACFC Liturgy Committee


Gloria Mandingiado

Team Member 

ACFC Service + Hospitality


Daddai Norman

Team Member

ACFC Pastoral Secretary

External Members of ACFC Pastoral Council


Rollie Espinido

ACFC External Member

New Migrant Information Form

The team respects the privacy of you and any other names you mention in this form. All collected information will be strictly viewed and used by ACFC Migrant Support Team only

Contact Form

Contact Form

If you have any questions or queries that you would like to send, please use the contact form below. All information submitted below will be forwarded directly to the main coordinator of this team Lina Magalong -

Thanks! Message sent.

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