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Choir PowerPoint Templates from December 2023

To all choir groups affiliated with the ACFC Chaplaincy,

Since we are approaching the new season in our Liturgical Calendar. We always start off with the season of Advent, to prepare ourselves to celebrate and commemorate the coming of our saviour. There will be a special PowerPoint Template that will need to be used. Please download the appropriate template you need below, when you are scheduled during the Advent Season.

Please remember to stick to the letter sizing guidelines minimum of 75. Your Font style should be either Calibri, Bell MT, or any font style similar.

This has the the following templates below:

  • All Sundays of Advent

  • Simbang Gabi (Christmas Novena)

  • Christmas Eve 11pm

  • Christmas Day 11:30am

  • New Year - Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God (1st January 2024)

  • New Generic Template, version 4.0 - for all Masses of Ordinary Time

Thank you for your cooperation and God Bless!

Social Media and Communications Team

Templates to download below

First Sunday of Advent Template

Download PPTX • 17.98MB

Second Sunday of Advent Template

Download PPTX • 17.97MB

Simbang Gabi 2023 (15th December to 23rd December)

Download PPTX • 15.88MB

Third Sunday of Advent Template

Download PPTX • 17.98MB

Fourth Sunday of Advent Template

Download PPTX • 17.98MB

Christmas Eve 11pm Mass

Download PPTX • 19.50MB

Christmas Day 11:30am Mass

Download PPTX • 18.15MB

Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God (1st January 2024)

Download PPTX • 18.21MB

New Generic Template for all Masses

Download PPTX • 25.74MB


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