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Choir PowerPoint Generic Templates as of Jan 2024

Updated: Jan 14

To all choir groups affiliated with the ACFC Chaplaincy,

Here are the updated templates for PowerPoint for 2024, this Includes for Sto Nino Novenas, Lent 2024, and the Generic version 4 template for all other Masses.

For setting up the screen and HDMI video wireless, please watch video provided, by following the link below.

Please remember the following:

  1. To stick to the letter sizing guidelines minimum of 75. Your Font style should be either Calibri, Bell MT, or any font style similar.

  2. Please flash slide 4, before the mass starts for health and safety.

  3. Update the Readings, Responsorial Psalm, and Prayer of the faithful what is shown on Sambuhay.

  4. Please make sure that slides 117 and 121 are shown to remind people how to participate for receiving communion. slide 118 and 122 are there hidden in cases that we start distribution communion with wine.

Thank you for your cooperation and God Bless!

Social Media and Communications Team

Templates to download below

Sto Nino (Sinulog) Template - 12th January to 20th January

Download PPTX • 28.10MB

Lent 2024 Template - To be used from 14 Feb 2024 to 17th Mar 2024

Download PPTX • 28.68MB

Palm Sunday 2024 - 24th March 2024

Download PPTX • 30.68MB

New Generic Template for all other Masses (e.g. Sundays of Ordinary Time, and other Masses)

Download PPTX • 25.74MB


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