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AGM Updates and Current COVID Situation

Below is an email that has been sent to all who have registered online for the Upcoming AGM (or AGA, Annual General Meeting), and to all Pastoral Council Members. This has been posted here on the website for other representatives and Pastoral Council Members who may not have received the email sent by Brian Gonzales (on behalf of the leadership team) on 24th January 2021 at 7:28pm.


God’s Blessings be upon us po,

Just sending a courtesy email to all for reminders both the Annual General Meeting and the Current COVID Situation.

Annual General Meeting (or Annual General Assembly):

  1. The agenda items of this very important meeting is on the website event page of the Annual General Assembly 2021.

  2. It is very important that you are registered before the event, please visit the website event page of the Annual General Assembly 2021. This will give us a clearer view of attendees for catering purposes, and also we can create name tags for all attendees before 26th Jan (Tuesday) at 1pm. ( Unregistered members can still attend, but this will help the ACFC Leadership a lot if you register online now!

  3. For all Provincial Ethnic (e.g. Kapangpangan, Illongos, Batanguenos, Cebuanos, etc.) and Faith Based Communities, Choir Groups, must be ready to outline their plans and activities for Feb 2021 to Jan 2022.

  4. All must be ready to gather up your ideas of how we will celebrate the 500 Years of Filipino Christianity.

  5. If you have registered and cannot attend, please redelegate it to someone within your group to attend, and ask them to register online. If you cannot attend or you have changed or redelegated someone to attend to represent your group please notify as soon as possible.

COVID Situation:

  1. As we all know about the current COVID Situation (as of 24th Jan 2021,, we are monitoring the situation as it folds.

  2. Please make sure that after you read this email, that your COVID Tracer App History is up to date with the locations you’ve visited. Always scan whenever you enter an area with a COVID QR Code or do a manual entry. Also You must always scan the QR code or do a manual entry even though you have re-entered that same area, not only at the first time you visited or entered. Example on given screenshot below.

  1. If you feel sick 2 to 3 days before the event with any symptoms related to COVID-19 ( please do not attend, isolate, and get tested as early as possible. Please email with your ideas for the 500 years celebration, and the group you are representing’s plans for Feb 2021 to Jan 2022. If you are in charge of an ACFC Committee group, please send a report of your group’s progress and future plans.

Please forward this information to other Filipino Ethnic Provincial & Faith Based Community Groups, Choir Groups, and ACFC Committee Heads, who you think may not get this email reminder.



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