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Reminders about Level 3 Stage 2


As of 11:59pm 9th November 2021, we now enter Level 3 Stage 2 of our current COVID alert framework.

As Always to combat COVID-19, please continue:

  1. To use facemasks or face coverings

  2. Scan all QR Codes when you see one to help our contact tracing.

  3. Schedule or walk-in into a vaccination site to complete your vaccination.

Activities NOT permitted under Level 3 Stage 2

  • Gyms and indoor recreation facilities cannot open.

  • Overnight stays, for example at your bach or in AirBnB accommodation, cannot happen.

  • Most team sports, such as basketball or volleyball, should not go ahead.

  • Camping, including hiring a campervan, cannot happen.

  • Playgroups and playcentres cannot operate.

  • Close-contact businesses such as hairdressers and barbers cannot operate or visit your home, including your backyard.

  • You can only travel to Waiheke Island or Great Barrier Island (Aotea Island) for recreation if you are a resident there.

Activities that are permitted under Level 3 Stage 2

  • The number of people for outdoor gatherings has increased to 25 people and no longer restricted to 2 households only.

  • Funerals, tangihanga and viewings can have up to 25 people attending, as well as up to 5 staff. Weddings are the same.

  • Retail businesses are allowed to open. All workers and customers must wear a mask – unless they are exempt. If you are inside a shop, please stay 2 metres apart.

  • Although food courts inside shopping malls can open, they must continue to offer contactless pick-up or delivery options only. Customers cannot consume food or drink inside a shopping mall.


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