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New Members of the Altar Servers Ministry

During the Month of February 2019, the chaplaincy has been blessed with 11 new members who have decided to answer God's call to serve. We also have 3 current members, have decided to continue on, but have no gone through the investiture process. These current members have been serving since 2014, during the time of Fr. Linus (previous Filipino Chaplain).

The new members have been through the three days of seminar formation, which took place during the first three Sundays after the Mass. The formation seminar was done both in practical and theoretical aspects of being an altar server, delivered by Brian Gonzales (Formation Mentor and Senior Altar Server). This was first of it's kind since 6 years ago, which was the last proper investiture and commitment rites of new altar servers.

New Altar Servers enters the church after they have worn their new cassocks.

The newly vested altar servers names as follows below (from left side of the front row):

1. Katherine Tenorio

2. Yñigo De Guzman

3. Khole Torillo

4. Kathryn Agbayani

5. Hanielle De Jesus

6. Trish Peralta

7. Cailey Caitor

8. Christine Caitor

9. Matthew Mitra

10. Jr-Kurt Guevarra

11. Miguel Mitra

12. John Basinal

13. Andrei Mendoza

14. Hans Higgins

If you have children who are interested to be part of this Ministry, please approach one of the parent coordinators for the ACFC Altar Severs. There personal contact details are as follows below:

Emi Penaranda

Jeremie De Guzman


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