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Immaculate Conception, and ACFC Christmas Party and Simbang Gabi 2023

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

As we slowly finish off the year with our upcoming events in our chaplaincy's calendar. The ACFC invites all to join in and take part in our celebrations as we prepare ourselves for Christmas.

All of these events will be held at St Benedict's Parish of Newton (1 St Benedict's Street, Eden Terrace, Auckland 1010).

Immaculate Conception Novena and Fiesta

The Filipino Catholic Community, in partnership with the Chaplaincy, will be celebrating the 34th year of celebrations of this major Marian Feast, here in Auckland. Immaculate Conception is well known as the National Patronage of the Philippines. This event is open to all who would like to take part in the celebrations.

The Novena (29th November, Wednesday, to 7th December, Thursday) and the Feast Day (8th December, Friday), each night both the Novena and Fiesta will start at 7:00pm.

Novena Sponsors and the General Public (who are able to do so) are encouraged to donate non-perishable goods (e.g. bags of rice, pasta, bottled sauces, canned goods, milk powder, UHT milk cartoons, etc), as part of the offertory. Below are the recommended items to offer each day of the novena to be donated.



Recommended Item(s)

29th November


Rice (1kg) / Cooking Oil (any, 1L)

30th November


Milk Products - UHT (1L), Powdered (1kg)

1st December


Pasta Noodles - at least one pack

2nd December


Canned Goods - Pasta Sauces

3rd December


Canned Goods - Tuna / Corned Beef

4th December


Canned Goods - Others

5th December


​Rice (1kg) / Cooking Oil (any, 1L)

6th December


​Milk Products - UHT (1L), Powdered (1kg)

7th December


​Pasta Noodles - at least one pack

8th December


All Goods

All donated goods will be used for the ACFC Christmas party as give away to our fellow Filipino brothers and sisters that have recently arrived here in New Zealand.

For the devotional groups or faith communities that have statues of our Blessed Mother in her different titles, are encouraged to bring them to the novenas and feast day. There will be a rosary procession inside the church during the feast day.

Altar Servers and Lay Ministers (Ministers of the Word, Extra Ordinary Ministers of Communion) are encouraged to volunteer in this celebration. Please contact your direct ministry coordinator or contact Brian Gonzales (ACFC Coordinator for Liturgy and Technology).

The theme for the Immaculate Conception is same as last year which is, "Immaculate Mother, Guiding us on Our Synodal Journey". Below is the lineup of Priests in each day of the Novena nights and Feast Day (Note: subject to last minute changes):

  • 29th November (Wednesday) Novena - Fr. Gilbert Ramos

  • 30th November (Thursday) Novena - Fr. Carlo Cruz

  • 1st December (Friday) Novena - Fr Consadine Toleafoa

  • 2nd December (Saturday) Novena - Fr Praful, OFM cap

  • 3rd December (Sunday) Novena - Fr Gilbert Ramos

  • 4th December (Monday) Novena - Fr Samuel Pulanco

  • 5th December (Tuesday) Novena - Fr Sherwin Lapaan

  • 6th December (Wednesday) Novena - Fr Gilbert Ramos

  • 7th December (Thursday) Novena - Fr Ranjit Ekka, OFM cap

  • 8th December (Friday) Feast Day - Fr Gilbert Ramos

ACFC Christmas Party

This year's ACFC Christmas Party will take place on the 10th of December 2023 (Sunday), after the 11:30am Filipino Mass at the Main Gathering Hall (Crypt).

This will be the day all donated goods during the Immaculate Conception Celebrations will be given out to our fellow new arrivals. If you would like to help out during this event, please email for more details and instructions to volunteer.

This blog post will be updated, once more information is available!

Simbang Gabi 2023

This year's Simbang Gabi will be done at nighttime, instead of early hours of the morning. Below are the detailed start times of our Simbang Gabi as follows:

  • Sundays to Fridays (15th December (Friday), and 17th to 22nd (Sunday to Friday) December) will start at 7:00pm.

  • Saturdays (16th December, and 23rd December) will start at 7:30pm

Altar Servers and Lay Ministers (Ministers of the Word, Extra Ordinary Ministers of Communion) are encouraged to volunteer in this celebration. Please contact Brian Gonzales (ACFC Coordinator for Liturgy and Technology), at or by mobile at 0274214264. An email communication about Simbang Gabi Volunteering have been sent to your email addresses since 4th November by Brian Gonzales.

Other events and mass schedules

If you are planning to travel out of town or out of the country, we wish you a joyful, safe and blessed Christmas and 2024, together with your Family and Friends!


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