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A message from Bishop Patrick Dunn

Bishop Pat sends this message (Copied from his recent post on his Facebook, please click here for more info).:

With the Prime Minister’s announcement that as a precaution against Covid-19, we move to Level 3 at midnight tonight (Sunday), I need to advise you that all weekday and Ash Wednesday Masses are to be postponed in the Auckland region until at least Thursday.

As information comes to hand, I will keep you informed about when we can resume our normal liturgies and gatherings.

Funerals and weddings must be restricted to no more than 10 people, and Funeral Directors can give any advice that may be needed in this regard.

Hopefully if Level 3 is removed after Wednesday, arrangements can be made for ashes to be distributed - possibly at Masses next Sunday.

Lent still begins next Wednesday, and although sadly we will not be able to attend Mass and receive ashes, we can still begin our usual prayerful Lenten observances.

Let us all keep each other in prayer and be mindful of any people around us who may be in need of care and assistance in these coming days.

+Patrick Dunn


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