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Voice of God Catholic Charismatic Renewal Family Choir

Choir Group


The Voice of God Catholic Charismatic Renewal Family Choir


Music is an integral part of Charismatic prayer meetings.

It is when we can profoundly express our praise and worship to God through songs.

Upon the establishment of the Voice of God Catholic Charismatic Renewal, the group saw the need to form a music group to support its prayer meetings.



Oscar Batucan, one of the co-organizers of the Voice of God Catholic Charismatic Renewal Group, was moved to share his gift of playing the keyboard and his many years of experience in playing with a music group. Upon his initiative, he put together a group of members and friends and formed what was then called Voice of God Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) Choir. It started with playing during prayer meetings, providing music support during seminars and retreats, and providing choir service for First Friday masses.



It was later extended its service to providing choir service to Filipino masses organized by the Auckland Catholic Filipino Chaplaincy and supporting novena masses organized by various devotional groups within the Filipino communities.



Membership to the choir has undergone changes, with members moving on to other ministries or calling. In more recent years, we have gathered members of the same families to serve in the choir. Thus, the name VOICE OF GOD CCR FAMILY CHOIR came about. With Mary our Mother, the choir continues to serve God in worship during Eucharistic Celebrations, formation, fellowship and community outreach.



Oscar Batucan


Miriam Batucan

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