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Voice of God Catholic Charismatic Renewal

Faith Community


The Voice of God Catholic Charismatic Renewal group is a progressive prayer group established in September of 1995 and has since been meeting at St Benedict’s Church, Auckland.


The prayer group uses worship & praise to proclaim the power of the Holy Spirit and the sharing of God's Word for the community. Being baptized in the Spirit drew them into a deeper spiritual life which made them passionate to help and serve others. Members of the group have experienced the presence and power of God working in a new and deeper way in their lives.



The group brings people of the church closer together by exercising the gifts of The Holy Spirit, especially the gift of brotherly love. They are also committed to daily prayer and scripture readings, the use of the sacraments and attendance at mass as often as possible. They have worked closely with the projects of the Auckland Catholic Filipino Chaplaincy and the Auckland Catholic Charismatic Renewal.



Under the gentle but firm direction of Oscar and Miriam Batucan, the group has taken on a path to be in community with one another. They have promoted the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Life in the Spirit Seminars, First Friday Devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Prayer in Groups, Healing Services, Evangelization, Outreach Projects, Devotional Workshops, Support to the Devotions to the Holy Infant Jesus, Senor Santo Nino and ongoing support to the ACFC Filipino masses thru the Voice of God CCR Family Choir, a very successful Music Ministry.



The group operate under the umbrella of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement of the Catholic Diocese of Auckland with the spiritual guidance of the Chaplain of the Auckland Catholic Filipino Chaplaincy.



Oscar Batucan


Miriam Batucan

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