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The ACFC Groups Summary

The organisation consist of the following:

  • The Pastoral Council

  • Faith Communities

  • Choir Groups

The Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is in charge of the overall decision and operational management activities of the chaplaincy. The groups listed below have been tasked to manage a particular operational area of the Chaplaincy.

  • The Pastoral Leadership​​

    • Manages and makes final decisions within the chaplaincy.

    • In-charge of all groups that are affiliated with the Chaplaincy.

  • Youth Ministry

    • In charge of youth-related relations within the groups within and outside of the Chaplaincy.​

  • Liturgy Committee

    • Oversees the Liturgical Activities within the Chaplaincy. E.g. Masses, Novenas, Devotional Liturgical Events, and other Liturgical Activities within and outside of the Chaplaincy.​

  • Religious Education Team

    • Oversees the aspects of Chaplaincy Evangelisation Activities. E.g. organising individual(s) preparation of Catholic Sacraments (e.g. Baptism, Confirmation, First Communion, Marriage).

    • Works along with the Liturgy Committee and the Chaplain directly.

  • Filipino Migrant Support Team

    • Oversees the general management needs of the chaplaincy, with requests of certain groups under the Pastoral Council.​

Click here to view the Faith Communities Summary Page

Each faith community group have their own specialised way of promoting various catholic devotions within the Chaplaincy. Through the devotions, they help the fulfillment of the Chaplaincy's Vision and Purpose to serve the Filipino Catholics and the entire Catholic Diocese of Auckland.

Each of these groups appoints their own representatives to all convened Pastoral Council Meetings.

We encourage and welcome the faithful to join these groups! Some groups on this website have their own pages.

To know more about the various devotions, visit their pages by clicking on the Faith Communities on the main menu.

Click here to view on how to join the Music Ministry and the Summary Page

Choir groups are either assigned on any of the given scheduled Filipino Masses.

This is organised by the Coordinators of the Music Ministry.

Choir groups are mostly scheduled during Sunday Masses (both normal and fiestas), and during Triduum and Novena Masses per request.

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