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Saint Pedro Calungsod Devotees

Faith Community

Patron Saint of
Catechist, Missionaries and Migrants


During his teenage years (14 years old), St. Pedro Calungsod became a catechist and embarked on a difficult mission to spread God's word in Las Islas de Ladrones (island of thieves now known as Guam).

Due to an unfortunate misunderstanding with the natives on the island, Calungsod died as a martyr while protecting Blessed Diego Luis de SanVitores, the Spanish Priest who led the mission.

Every 2nd of April, we celebrate the life of our youngest Filipino saint. 

We, the Devotees of San Pedro Calungsod, would like to follow the life lead by Saint Pedro Calungsod, who also followed the teachings of Christ even at a young age.

Like Jesus, he died for our faith while protecting a friend.


Saint Pedro Calungsod, Lay Catechist and Martyr, Help us to become saints like you.


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Delia N. Espenido


Dimple Rho Espenido

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