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Contact Us

This website is for the purpose of simplification of notices, communications and other important content that focuses on the purpose and mission of the ACFC Chaplaincy. 

Contact the Office Secretary for the following:

  • Baptism Certificates

  • Bookings for Baptism, Weddings, and Funerals.

  • Mass Request Envelopes

  • Other administration activities and requests within the Chaplaincy.

Contact any members of the Pastoral Leadership Team for the following:

  • Leadership inquiries and status of the Chaplaincy Organisation.

Contact any members of the Youth Ministry Leadership Team for the following:

  • Management and operation of this website.

  • Establishing contacts with other Filipino Youth Groups in the Auckland Region.

  • Representation of all Diocesan Youth Level Events and Activities.

Contact any members of the Liturgy Committee for the following:

  • Liturgical Celebrations

  • Joining a Liturgical Ministry (Altar Servers, Word, Eucharist, Offertory, and Music). 

Contact any members of the Religious Education Team for the following:

  • Sacramental Programmes (Baptism, Confirmation, First Communion, Weddings).

  • Children's Liturgy (e.g. Sunday School Sessions).

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