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The Bible Apostolate (BA) is a Ministry of the ACFC created in 2004 upon the instruction of the first ACFC Chaplain, Fr. Ruben Elago, MSP. After a Basic Bible Seminar conducted by Fr Dom Flores, SVD, of the Divine Word Missionaries who was then assigned in Australia, a Chaplaincy-based BA Core Team was formed to coordinate Bible-related programmes and other evangelisation activities on the Word of God.

The Aims of the Bible Apostolate are:

  1. To regularly attend Bible Study sessions to gain more knowledge about the bible and henceforth gain more competence in sharing/evangelising the good news to others in seminars and other evangelisation activities.

  2. To undertake further training to gain the skills required in running Bible Seminars at the Basic or Advanced levels.

  3. To organise Basic Bible Seminars (BBS) to Chaplaincy lay ministers, members and other parishioners.

  4. To establish or help establish Bible Sharing and Bible study groups

  5. To animate, supervise, and coordinate Bible groups in the community.

  6. To conduct the Bible Apostolate functions under the spiritual guidance of the Chaplain.



Cecile Delluta

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